This page contains the answers to the practice problems for problems on pages beginning with the letter "Q".You'd be surprised at the number!

"Quadratic Formula" AnswersEdit

1. (Solve 4x^2+8x+4=0 using the quadratic formula) This equation is all ready to plug into the quadratic formula! Denominator: 2a = 2(4) = 8. Numerator: -b + or - sqr root (b^2 -4ac) = -(8) + or - sqr. root ((8)^2 - 4(4)(4) = -8 + or - sqr. root (64 - 64) = -8. x = -8 over 8, x=-1.

2. (Solve 3x^2-17x-10=0 using the quadratic formula) This equation is also ready to go."a" is 3, "b" is -17, and "c' is -10.The numerator becomes -(-17)

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